Wiggins riding prototype Prologo saddle

Custom cover disguises revised design

Prologo have provided custom covered saddles to numerous riders in this year’s Tour de France but Team Sky captain Bradley Wiggins’s seat has differences that extend beyond the surface.


Wiggins’ special Scratch Pro Nack uses Prologo’s next generation of foam padding, which is said to be 15 percent lighter than its closest competitor and also 20 percent better at damping vibration for a more comfortable ride.

Prologo sales manager Salvatore Truglio says shell weight has dropped by about seven percent, without affecting stiffness or durability. New composite rails using a mix of carbon, alloy and Kevlar fibres are included as well. The saddle is said to tip the scales at just 170g – 55g lighter than the standard Scratch Pro – and will go on sale to the public this October.

Prologo claim the new scratch pro nack shell is seven percent lighter than before but without sacrificing stiffness or durability:
James Huang

Prologo claim the new shell is seven percent lighter than before

Of course, Wiggins gets custom graphics too. Prologo have a penchant for light-hearted caricatures, and according to Truglio, this design was inspired by 1960s Lambretta and Vespa scooters. As it turns out, Wiggins owns a 1964 Vespa himself.

Prologo say limited edition Wiggins replica saddles (with the same look but not the same tech features) are now available at a cost of €189.

Prologo say the custom graphics were inspired by sixties-era scooters:
James Huang

The custom graphics were inspired by Sixties-era motor scooters