Win a Wattbike trainer

Answer one simple question to win the ultimate training tool

Wattbike have teamed up with BikeRadar’s sister website Cyclingnews to give you the chance to win a Wattbike training bike. Go straight to the competition page now, or read on for the benefits of training with the Wattbike.


Why is the Wattbike such a great tool?

  • Every pedal turn is analysed within 39 parameters, 100 times per second
  • Your power output can be monitored accurately in every session
  • There is no stopping at traffic lights, turning corners, coasting downhill or getting run over, so you get a high quality workout – every time
  • This means you need to train less for a greater training effect

Why does accuracy matter?

Accurate data delivery means that you can ensure that each pedal turn of each training session is at the right intensity to get the most out of your training. Each of your workouts can be structured precisely using any combination of:

  • Power output (watts)
  • Cadence (rpm) and resistance level
  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Or any combination of the other 36 parameters

Pedalling technique

In addition to being able to train smarter and get fitter, one of the unique features of the Wattbike is the ability to monitor your pedalling technique as you ride.

Is each leg contributing equally to the power output? Is the angle of peak force the same in each leg? Are you delivering power smoothly? Is there a dead spot when your cranks are vertical? The Wattbike allows you to answer all these questions and eliminate ingrained technical faults while training efficiently – resulting in a fitter, faster you.

How you can use the Wattbike

For every resistance level and cadence combination the power output on a Wattbike is known. This means that the Wattbike can be used for:

  • High cadence, low wattage workouts at one extreme
  • Low cadence, high wattage workouts at the other
  • Replicating any workout, from long endurance to short, high power sprint work
  • Targeting specific pedalling technique workouts with full visual feedback

The Wattbike can be set up in seconds, is factory calibrated and amazingly accurate so you no longer need to spend valuable time setting up and calibrating your turbo trainer.


To enter the competition, simply head to now.