Winners named for IG Markets Square Mile Challenge

Collapsed rider remains in hospital

Two riders and a lucky financial soothsayer from London have been announced as winners of Pinarello road bikes following the release of results of the Team Sky supported IG Markets Square Mile Challenge in London, on 26 November.


Unfortunately the rider who collapsed during the event is understood to still be in hospital.

Matthew Theobalds became the owner of a genuine Team Sky Pinarello Dogma, after he became the fastest rider to defeat a Team Sky professional during the course of the virtual one-mile race on Wattbikes.

Wayne Crombie claimed a new Team Sky replica Pinarello FP1 as the fastest non-pro of the day, while Brian Butterwick also won a FP1 after providing the closest forecast of the closing mark of the British Stock Exchange (FTSE) on the day of the challenge.

Theobalds was one of five riders able to finish faster than a professional on the day. He, along with Tim Wood, Matt Clements and Mat Hammond recorded faster times than Russell Downing, while Matthew Walters was able to edge out Bradley Wiggins.

Theobalds defeated Russell Downing with a time of 1:51.95 and will take delivery of one of the bikes used by the team during their debut season in the peloton. Theobalds average power output during his heat was 502 watts with a cadence of 112, against Downing’s 414-watt average and a cadence of 121.

During his two previous heats Downing had averaged 475 and 508 watts, respectively. Nevertheless, Downing, who enjoyed his most successful professional season in 2010 with stage wins at Critérium International and the Tour de Wallonie, was gracious in defeat.

“The boys will probably give me a bit of stick,” Downing told BikeRadar after the race against Theobalds, Wood and Clements. “But it was pretty hard work there. It’s not my kind of thing punching the power out on the Wattbike. It all just goes on power and that’s not really my forte – these guys were going bloody hard out here. It’s great fun, though.”

The one-mile distance of the event had been selected to give competitors a realistic opportunity to threaten the times being set by their professional counterparts. Indeed, Downing and the three other Sky riders present: Ben Swift, Geraint Thomas and Brad Wiggins, were forced to work hard to hold off challengers throughout the day.

Wayne Crombie and Ben Swift produced the respective fastest times of the day for non-professional and professional riders. Crombie finished his heat in 1:49.16, however Swift ensured the British ProTeam remained at the top of the time sheets with 1:47.17, at an average output of 538 watts and a cadence of 116.

With the event organised IG Markets – a financial services company and partner of Team Sky for the 2011 season – Brian Butterwick claimed the day’s financially-themed prize by providing the closest prediction of the FTSE’s closing mark on the day with 5672.34 (the actual close on November 26 was 5668.7).

Collapsed rider in hospital

Matthew Walters had also been able to finish ahead of a pro rider, defeating Wiggins. However, the collapse of a rider during their heat caused organisers to call an early end to the event.

A spokesperson from British Cycling confirmed to BikeRadar last week that the male rider remains in hospital in intensive care, though no further details have been released with his family requesting privacy.


Closest races and Team Sky Riders involved

Race 7
Place Name Time Av Power (Watts) Av speed (kph) Av cadence (rpm)
1 Mat Hammond 01:53.38 496 50.93 120
2 Russell Downing 01:54.19 475 50.58 124
Race 8
Place Name Time Av Power (Watts) Av speed (kph) Av cadence (rpm)
1 Russell Downing 01:51.06 508 52 125
2 Nic Hutchings 01:51.94 500 51.66 120
Race 9
Place Name Time Av Power (Watts) Av speed (kph) Av cadence (rpm)
1 Matthew Theobalds 01:51.95 502 51.59 112
2 Tim Wood 01:57.55 446 49.13 122
3 Matt Clements 01:59.52 422 48.45 105
4 Russell Downing 02:00.25 414 48.03 121
Race 15
Place Name Time Av Power (Watts) Av speed (kph) Av cadence (rpm)
1 Matt Walters 01:52.06 499 51.53 120
2 Brad Wiggins 01:55.91 459 49.83 135

Full list of the race winners

Race Winner Time Av Power (Watts) Av speed (kph) Av cadence (rpm)
1 Ben Swift 01:49.25 538 52.86 116
2 Ben Swift 01:50.47 519 52.28 116
3 Ben Swift 01:48.36 549 53.47 115
4 Brad Wiggins 01:53.95 492 50.81 124
5 Brad Wiggins 01:54.22 472 50.65 134
6 Brad Wiggins 01:52.57 491 51.3 136
7 Mat Hammond 01:53.38 496 50.93 120
8 Russell Downing 01:51.06 508 52 125
9 Matthew Theobalds 01:51.95 502 51.59 112
10 Geraint Thomas 01:51.10 504 51.98 123
11 Geraint Thomas 01:49.40 527 52.89 118
12 Geraint Thomas 01:48.18 545 53.38 119
13 Ben Swift 01:47.17 557 53.88 121
14 Ben Swift 01:51.54 507 51.91 120
15 Matt Walters 01:52.06 499 51.53 120