Wolf Tooth Components rethinks derailleur alignment with the Pack Hanger Alignment tool

Smaller, lighter and less fiddly


Except for Abbey Bike Tools’ Hanger Alignment Gauge (HAG), derailleur hanger tools haven’t changed a whole lot over the years. Until now that is, because Minneapolis based Wolf Tooth Components has come up with a novel way to straighten this pesky party of your bike when it gets out of shape with its Pack Hanger Alignment tool.


With your typical hanger alignment tool, such as the Park Tool DAG or Abbey HAG, one end screws into the derailleur hanger and measurements are taken at four points on the rear wheel with an indicator rod to determine which axis is out of alignment. The Pack Hanger Alignment tool makes the process simpler by using an indicator rod that sticks out of the hub and a pry bar which is screwed into the hanger itself.

To straighten things out, simply bend the hanger until the two bars are parallel. That said, this tool won’t be quite as accurate as your standard derailleur hanger tool.

Wolf Tooth
The Pack tool comes in a few different configurations
Wolf Tooth Components

Made in the US, the tool is a mix of 7075-T6 aluminium, 6061-T6 aluminium, and 03 stainless steel.

Claimed to weigh 324g, the design is extremely compact, with all the parts nesting inside the adjustment bar, and is something that would fit into a hydration pack or be perfectly suited to a tool kit kept in your car — for reference, my Park Tool DAG 2.2 weighs 646g and is too bulky for most tool boxes.

Available in kits for 12mm thru-axles in 142mm and 197mm widths, and quick releases skewers too, Wolf Tooth’s Pack Hanger Alignment tool starts at $59.95 for the quick release kit, $99.95 for the thru-axle kit or $119.95 for the lot.


The quick release adapter is available for $19.95, and there is no option to purchase the thru-axle adaptor on its own.