Wolf Tooth introduces 45-tooth upgrade kit for Shimano

Wider range option Shimano’s 11-speed XT and XTR cassettes

Wolf Tooth Components recently released details of a range-extending add-on for Shimano 11-speed cassettes.


While Shimano is set to release an XT-level cassette with an extended range from 11 to 46t this summer, riders who have already purchased 11-speed Shimano mountain cassettes with 11-40t and 11-42t ranges can extended them even further with Wolf Tooth’s 11-Speed Cassette Extender.

The kit consists of 45t and 18t chainrings along with a spacer:

The 11-speed GC45 kit is compatible with XT and XTR cassettes and retails for $89.95/£62/AU$125. It consists of 18t and 45t cogs and a spacer.

Shimano XTR and XT 11-40t cassette conversion

  • Gearing: 11-13-15-18-21-24-27-31-35-40-45 
  • Total range increase from 364% to 409%

Shimano XT 11-42t cassette conversion

  • Gearing: 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42-45 
  • Total range increase from 382% to 409%

The Wolf Tooth/Lindarets GoatLink is not required for this wide range conversion, but using it will reposition the derailleur for this wider range drivetrain, which will result in better shifting.

This new addition to the Wolf Tooth line puts it closer, but not on par with One-Up’s 10-50t Shark kit, which provides a 500% range, but costs more than twice as much as the GC45 kit.


For more information, visit www.wolftoothcomponents.com.