Wolf Tooth teases dropbar dropper lever

Soon you can reach new lows on the road

Wolf Tooth may have started out making narrow-wide chainrings and upgrade cogs, but it’s the thoughtfully designed ReMote dropper seatpost lever that has garnered the most attention recently.


Not one to rest on its laurels, the small American manufacturer is in the process of developing a dropper seatpost lever for drop-bar use.

It hasn’t been easy. According to Wolf Tooth’s CEO Brendan Moore, the company has tried many different mounting locations, including on the tops, below the hoods, and have settled on the end of the bar as the most practical location.

The lever sits slightly inboard, so it’s easy to grasp
Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

The lever fits into the end of the bar and looks similar to a bar-end shifter. The cable and housing are routed under the bar tape for a clean look. Wolf Tooth sought to make the lever as unobtrusive as possible. The paddle sits close the bar and has a smooth, contoured finish that’s easy to grasp.


Moore expects pricing to be in line with the current ReMote. If all goes according to plan, it will be available in late 2017. There’s no name for this new lever, so you’re welcome to chime in with your suggestions.