Woodrup Cycles offering brand new ‘vintage’ frames

Framebuilder unearths treasure trove of unused steel tubing

A treasure trove of 1970s 531 steel tubing, recently unearthed by a Yorkshire frame builder, is giving customers a unique opportunity to buy a retro bike made from the original materials.


The owners of Leeds-based Woodrup Cycles were tidying up their stockroom when they uncovered a number of boxes containing the tubing, with Nervex lugs and Campagnolo and Zeus dropouts.

The find was a link back to the firm’s heady days of the 1970s, when they employed three frame builders to turn out approximately 800 frames a year. At the time, they built frames for Bantel, one of the UK’s top professional teams. These frames were re-badged with former professional Hugh Porter’s name and from the writing on the boxes, Woodrup’s are pretty sure the tubes, lugs and dropouts were bought for this contract.


Obviously the frames are in short supply, so those interested need to act swiftly to avoid disappointment. Customers can choose their preferred decals, with Bantel’s team colours an option. Visit Woodrup Cycles for more information.