World Bicycle Relief recognised as world changing

List of top 25 philanthropists recognises the power of the pushbike

Some of those who have benefited from the scheme

Every year, Barron’s – America’s premier financial magazine – releases a list of the top 25 philanthropists in the world. And joining the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and former US president Bill Clinton on it this year is FK Day, the man behind World Bicycle Relief.


Barron’s list, made in conjunction with the Global Philanthropy Group, is based on the impact as well as financial clout of its listees, and places are awarded to those who have made a significant and lasting difference to people, the environment or society.

Day placed 12th overall and, according to Barron’s, “At last count, 71,416 of Day’s bikes were on the roads and byways of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania, helping 702,080 individuals.”

In Day’s own words: “A bicycle in the US is a recreational vehicle or an alternative form of transportation. In developing countries, a bicycle can mean the difference between getting to school, to a doctor, or making a living or not. Simple, sustainable mobility is one of the most unrecognised tools of development work there is.”

The mission of World Bicycle Relief, founded by the SRAM  Corporation and Trek Bicycles in 2005, is “to provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles”. The organisation also trains mechanics to assist in ongoing maintenance.


Behind Day in Barron’s list were Oprah’s Angel Network and Ed Norton. You can see the full list here.