World’s first pedal-powered Porsche

Bonkers recumbent 911 replica from Austria

Is this the world's first full-size pedal-powered Porsche replica?

We’ve seen Porsche-alike pedal cars before but this is something entirely different – a full-size replica 911 with a two-seater recumbent bicycle instead of an engine.


Called the Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS – the RS stands for Rad (cycle) Sport, and Ferdinand was the founder of Porsche – this Austrian invention weighs a whopping 99,637g (220lb) despite an “ultra light construction” and “luxurious outer appearance” which looks suspiciously like tinfoil to us.

Oversize air inlets keep the rider/driver cool, steering is courtesy of a pair of bike handlebars, the wheels are shod with skinny (for a car) Schwalbe Crazy Bob mountain bike tyres and the rear spoiler is said to give a “safe feeling” when pedalling at speed – assuming you have the leg power to get it moving.

As the narrator of the video below explains: “Because of economic reasons the Ferdinand GT3 does not have an engine. On the one hand this provides an enormous loss of weight; on the other it reduces the emissions to a low level, breaking records. Another side effect is the enormous trunk.”


If you can read German, check out for the full lowdown. If not, feast your eyes on the fascinating construction photos that have been posted on Flickr. You can see the car in action in the video below – check out how happy the driver looks after being overtaken by a Lamborghini!

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