“World’s lightest” electric bike launched

Singlespeed city machine with power assist motor

British manufacturing company Modern Times Ltd have launched a 13.6kg motor-assist singlespeed bike, and claim it’s the world’s lightest full size electric bicycle.


Based in Winchester, Modern Times Ltd fit power assistance systems to mainstream bikes from the likes of Ridgeback, Genesis and Claud Butler and for their latest project they’ve installed a power-assist system to Cannondale’s Capo singlespeed bike. They’ve also applied the power-assist motor to a Genesis Day One singlespeed bike.

Aimed at the growing commuter market, the £1650 Cannondale Capo Cytronex conversion will help with hill climbing and is a fast accelerator, kicking in with only one pedal stroke with the added benefit of being light enough to carry if necessary.

With a range of around 25 miles per charge, a sensor continually monitors pedalling speed so that just the right amount of power is applied.

Channel 5’s Gadget Show will be featuring the bike in an upcoming show. More info www.cytronex.com


Given the increasing popularity in electric bikes, would you ride the new power-assist Capo? Leave your comments below.