‘World’s safest bike’ can apply its own brakes to avoid a crash

Crowdfunded e-bike just wants to keep you safe

The VéliSo V-1 hides much of its technical wizardry beneath its large fairings

French company VéliSo is currently seeking funding for the development of a futuristic electric commuter bike that can monitor its own blind spots, alert riders to hazards and even apply its brakes to prevent a collision.


Poised to be ‘the world’s safest bike’ the V-1 e-Assist is a fully faired commuter bike that makes use of all of VéliSo’s Miraga ARAS ‘Advanced Rider Assistance System’, which uses a series of sensors and control units to provide multiple safety technologies — most frequently seen in the automotive industry.

The V-1 uses a selection of cameras plus radar, ultrasound and infrared sensors in order to monitor blind spots, the idea being that any potentially hazardous situation that arises will be communicated to the rider — hopefully prompting them to react.

Should the rider fail to react appropriately and a potential collision is detected the V-1 can then turn to its automatic emergency braking system, which will apply the brakes automatically in an anti-lock fashion.

Further to this, the V-1 also makes use of VéliSo’s tyre pressure management system, which uses a compressor, air sensors and special hubs to provide automatic air pressure adjustment to the bike’s front and rear tyres in order to maximise traction.

Backers will have to pledge $6,775 to secure themselves an example of the bike, which is estimated to be delivered to customers by October 2018. It’s part of a wider range of safety solutions that aim to make cycling a safer activity including retrofit versions of the technologies used on the V-1.

To become a reality this ambitious Indiegogo project will need to first reach its funding target of $500,000.


What do you make of this type of technology coming to bikes? Is it a step too far or would these safety features make you feel safer on the road?

VéliSo Mirage ARAS — the World’s First Advanced Rider Assistance System