WTB’s saddle-fit system uses wrist measurement to determine saddle width

The saddle manufacturer says there are direct links between wrist and sit bone dimensions.

WTB Silverado saddle - size determined by wrist size

Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) has a new way of calculating sit-bone measurement for personalised saddle sizing recommendations — and it works by measuring your wrist.


Every cyclist has a different body shape and riding style, as well as comfort preferences, especially when it comes to saddles, and thanks to WTB’s new online measurement system, the process of obtaining research-based recommendations might just have become less complicated.

The Fit Right System, hosted on WTB’s website, asks users to measure their wrist (yes, you read that correctly) to help assess the width of their sit bone (bum). According to WTB, its research shows a direct correlation between the two.

Users then select a riding style (leisure, performance or aggressive), body shape (inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle or hourglass) and padding preference (thin, medium or thick). Fit Right takes this data and then recommends a saddle or saddles from the brand’s range.

As well as Fit Right, WTB has recently updated its entire collection of saddles.

Updates include re-styling across the range, with WTB saying that it has chosen “subdued graphics to provide a sleek and modern appearance that doesn’t clash with the defining colours of a bike,” and there is a “premium microfibre material” cover on every saddle too.

Padding on cromoly-railed versions has also been updated to feature HLX and HLX+ Gel padding, depending on padding thickness.

WTB Volt saddle

WTB Volt saddle features the company's new standard-issue microfibre material cover
WTB’s Volt saddle features the company’s new standard-issue microfibre material cover.

The latest Volt saddle has medium-thickness padding and is shaped for speed and comfort.

There are four choices of rail – steel, titanium, carbon or cromoly – and three widths, with the carbon rail version only available in narrow width.

  • Price: From £29.99 / €36.50

WTB Speed saddle

The Speed saddle is WTB's bestseller
The Speed saddle is WTB’s bestseller.

WTB recommends its bestselling Speed saddle for urban, trail and bikepacking use.

There are two rail options – steel or cromoly – and, although it is only available in medium width, the saddle’s thick padding makes it a popular choice for riders seeking comfort.

  • Price: From £29.99 / €36.50

WTB Silverado saddle

WTB's popular Silverado saddle gets a restyling with subtle graphics
WTB’s popular Silverado saddle gets a restyling with subtle graphics.

The Silverado saddle’s slim but long shape makes it a popular choice for more aggressive riding.

There are four rail options – steel, cromoly, titanium and carbon – and narrow and medium size options are available.

WTB recommends the Silverado for a range of uses, including cross-country, trail and enduro mountain biking.

  • Price: From £29.99 / €36.50

The new saddles are available now direct from WTB, from online retailers and in local bike shops