X-Fusion RV1 downhill fork unveiled at Taipei show

200mm of travel for the serious racer

X-Fusion’s big push into the aftermarket continues with the unveiling of the Taiwanese-American brand’s first downhill fork, the RV1. Tested on the World Cup circuit by the Pivot Factory DH Team and with a pricetag of US$1,299, it’s aimed firmly at racers, not the OEM or budget markets where the company made their name.


X-Fusion certainly is packing a lot into the 200mm-travel, coil-sprung RV1’s burly 36mm-diameter chassis. Features include the company’s twin-tube HLR damper with independent high-speed and low-speed compression adjustment – the same design used in the company’s Vengeance all-mountain fork – new lower-friction Nvolve wiper seals, a convenient single-bolt 20mm thru-axle, and bolt-on carbon fiber guards to protect the magnesium lower leg casting.

X-Fusion has also added in pressure release valves on the back of the casting, just below the wiper seals. According to X-Fusion, pressure can build up inside the lower legs over time and stiffen up the spring rate – especially toward bottom-out. By periodically opening up these valves, users can maintain a supple feel deep in the stroke without having to actually take the fork apart.

In a sign of the coming times, the lower legs are sizes to fit both 26-inch and 27.5-inch wheels and X-Fusion has developed unique crowns with specific offsets for both. Claimed weight is 2,902g (6.4lb) – about 200g heavier than a RockShoxBoxxer World Cup but around 240g lighter than a Fox 40 FIT RC2.

For riders on a budget, there will also be the RV1 RC, which is identical to the flagship RV1 HLR model but with fixed high-speed compression damping.

New trail and enduro forks, too

The forged aluminum crown on the x-fusion sweep incorporates a lot of drop:
James Huang/BikeRadar

The forged aluminum crown on the X-Fusion Sweep incorporates a lot of drop

X-Fusion also showed off two trail and enduro forks in Taipei: the 160mm-travel Sweep and the 180mm-travel Metric.

The air-sprung Sweep uses 34mm-diameter aluminum upper tubes and a tool-free 15mm thru-axle setup for a claimed weight as low as 1,905g (4.2lb) that should bereasonably well suited for going uphill. X-Fusion fits the Sweep with its mid-valve equipped RL2 cartridge damper design and there will also be an option for an external travel adjuster that drops the fork by 30mm.

Interestingly, the new Sweep will only be available for use with 27.5-inch wheels.

The stouter Metric sticks with an air spring but bulks up with 36mm-diameter stanchions and single-bolt 20mm-thru-axle dropouts that add weight but lend stiffness and strength for harder riding. The lower legs incorporate the new Neutra pressure relief valves, too.


X-Fusion will offer the Metric in three versions: the 2,404g (5.3lb) RC with externally adjustable low-speed rebound damping; the identical-weight HLR, which adds high-speed compression adjustability; and the 2,494g (5.5lb) DLA, which tacks on external travel adjustment down to 140mm.