XC trim and plus-size chubby, Stan’s introduces four new wheelsets

Cross-country racers and plus bike riders take note

While Stan’s initially made its name with sealant and rim strips, it’s now a player in the rim and wheelset market. The New York-based company offers wheels for nearly every discipline. Here are four of Stan’s latest mountain bike offerings. 


Podium SRD

The Podium SRD rim is carbon and claimed to weigh 300 grams for a 29er!

With a manufacturer listed weight of 300 grams for a 29in rim, and a total wheelset weight of under 1,300 grams, the Podium SRD wheelset is laser focused on cross-country racing. 

In addition to the paltry weight numbers, Stan’s claims the Podium SRD rims’ Radial Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology (RiACT) helps fend off punctures and absorbs impacts. 

Stan’s professes the new Podium SRD rims can deflect radially (think: up and down) 11 percent more than its Valor carbon rim, yet are 15 percent stiffer laterally (think: side to side). Interesting claims for sure. 

The XC Podium SRD wheels are 23mm wide internally and have Stan’s Neo Ultimate hubs laced with Sapim’s ultralight Laser spokes and Sapim Secure Lock alloy nipples. They are available with a variety of axle standards.

Being super light, the Podium SRD wheels have a few precautions. Max rider weight is 86kg/190lbs, max tire pressure is 30psi for a 2.3in and 33psi for a 2.0in tire. 

The Podium SRD wheelset will be available in early September. MSRP: $1,995, UK and Australian pricing TBD.

New aluminum wheelsets

Stan’s is releasing three new rims and wheelsets all aimed at wider tires. The wheelsets are built with Sapim Force spokes, Sapim Secure Lock nipples and Stan’s Neo hubs with updated Durasync freehubs. Three stainless steel bearings can be found in the Durasync freehub, which Stan’s claims increases stability and service intervals.

Each rim is built with Stan’s Bead Socket Technology, which Stan’s maintains provides even more width between the tire beads. The 6069 alloy rims will be available as rims or as complete wheelsets.

Baron MK3

The Baron MK3’s rim width of 35mm internal should play nicely with plus-size tires

Stan’s new Baron MK3 features a 35mm internal rim width for pairing with most plus-size tires.The company contends the Baron MK3’s width makes it versatile for everyday trail riding as well as bikepacking adventures. 

Wheel Weights and Sizes: 1,867g (26”) / 1,928g (27.5″) / 2,017g (29″). Rim Weight: 523g (26″) / 547g(27.5″) / 583g (29″)

Availability is slated for early September. MSRP: US $699, UK and Australian pricing TBD.

Major MK3

The Major MK3 rim bumps up the internal width to 38mm

The Major MK3’s 38mm rim width is designed to work with the widest plus-size tires, 3.0-inches and larger. 

Wheel Weights and Sizes: 1,879g (26”) / 1,942g (27.5″) / 2,031g (29″). Rim Weight: 529g (26″) / 554g(27.5″) / 590g (29″)

December is the projected availability for the Major MK3. MSRP: US$699, UK and Australian pricing TBD.

Sentry MK3

The Sentry MK3 is aimed at trail and enduro riders with a 32mm internal rim width

The workhorse of the group appears to be the new Sentry MK3. With an internal rim width of 32mm, it should plump up everything from 2.5in enduro tires to 2.8in plus-size rubber. 

Wheel Weights and Sizes: 1,817g (26”) / 1,876g (27.5″) / 1,963g (29″). Rim Weight: 498g (26″) / 521g(27.5″) / 556g (29″)


The Sentry should be available starting in early September. MSRP: US$699, UK and Australian pricing TBD.