Xpedo launches new Thrust E power meter pedals

Xpedo offers top-value pedal-based power meter system

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Xpedo’s new Thrust E power meter pedal system is an obvious competitor to the Garmin Vector (and the Look/Polar option), but offers easier set-up thanks to a fit-and-forget installation.

The Xpedo Thrust E power meter, which uses Look Keo cleats, weighs in at 385g per pair (compared to 351g for the full Vectors) and costs US$1,100. UK and AUS prices are to be confirmed, though Xpedo says it should be a conversion rate calculation for the UK at least – meaning you can get full left/right power measurement for about £664 – just over £100 more than the new single-sided Vector and around half the price of the full Vector’s £1,349 asking price.

Unlike Garmin’s option, which requires careful placement of delicate looking pods that dangle perilously under the head of the crank arm, the electronics for the Thrust E pedals are located within the confines of the pedal body. All that’s needed is an 8mm Allen key to get up and running.

Xpedo claims accuracy of plus/minus two percent and recommends re-zeroing the pedals when changing from bike to bike or after replacing cleats. The Thrust E uses ANT+ for data transmission and Xpedo aren’t prescriptive about pairing, so you can use them with any power apps such as Wahoo Fitness or Trainer Road, making this an appealing option for indoor as well as outdoor training provided the system’s accuracy and consistency are up to scratch.


The pedals themselves are made from 6061 forged aluminium with a chromoly spindle and cartridge bearings and come in four colours – black, red, blue and grey (though apparently not the orange that was on show at Eurobike). The same 8mm hex key used for installation also opens the battery port to reveal a rechargeable battery that gives 120 hours of use, which Xpedo says means recharging around once a month.