Yeti Cycles’ 2021 range spans from downcountry whippet to big-hitting hucker

2021 sees the SB100 replaced by recently-released SB115, and a brand-new ARC hardtail

2021 Yeti Cycles mountain bike range

Yeti’s been on a roll recently, having announced two new models for 2021 already this summer. There’s been the SB115, a beefed-up version of the now-discontinued for 2021 SB100, and the all-new 2021 ARC hardtail that takes its name from Yeti’s past but updates it to the current times.


But what does the rest of Yeti’s 2021 range look like?

2021 Yeti SB130

2021 Yeti SB130 full suspension all mountain mountain bike
2021 Yeti SB130.

The SB130 is Yeti’s do-it-all trail bike that, the Colorado brand claims, is just at home heading downhill as it is going up and at an enduro race or out onto the trails for a day-long epic.

When we last tested the SB130 – which doesn’t appear to have changed for 2021 – we thought that although it bridged the gap in travel between the SB100 and SB150, it didn’t appear to offer any significant weight or speed advantages on the climbs than its bigger sibling.

The 130mm rear wheel travel is mated to a 150mm travel fork, and there’s 29in wheels, a 65.5-degree head tube angle, generous reach figures that span from 430.2mm up to 505.2mm, and a steep 76.9-degree effective seat-tube angle.

2021 Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride full suspension all mountain mountain bike
2021 Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride.
Yeti Cycles

Yeti’s SB130 Lunch Ride – which is basically the bike Yeti employees use to get their midday kicks between stints in front of the computer screen — has slightly more relaxed geometry figures with a 65.1-degree head-tube angle.

The SB130 is available in eight different variants that start at $5,200 for the C1 model and go up to $8,600 for the T3 bike.

2021 Yeti SB140

2021 Yeti SB140
2021 Yeti SB140.
Yeti Cycles

In the same way the the SB130 is a do-it-all trail bike on 29in wheels, the 27.5in-wheeled SB140 looks to replicate that level of conquer-all prowess with the playfulness of smaller hoops that can also tackle big jumps, jibs and punchy descents without wincing.

When we reviewed the SB140 we found it to be very efficient on the climbs as well as impressively capable on the descents, living up to Yeti’s claims.

Geometry-wise, the SB140 runs a 65-degree head-tube angle, long reach figures across the sizes that start at 405.1mm for the XS bike up to 505.1mm for the XL, a steep 77-degree effective seat-tube angle and a 160mm travel fork.

It’s available in five models starting at $5,200 for the C1 going to $8,700 for the T3 full build bike.

2021 Yeti SB150

2021 Yeti SB150
2021 Yeti SB150.
Yeti Cycles

Touted as Yeti’s big-hitting 29in wheel enduro race rig, the SB150 is designed for top-speed racing and earned our critical acclaim when we tested it in 2018.

Since then, the bike hasn’t changed a great deal and the 2021 model runs a 64.5-degree head tube angle, spacious 430.2mm to 505.2mm reach figures, and a steep 77-degree effective seat-tube angle.

Along with 150mm of rear wheel travel, the SB150 is matched to a 170mm travel fork and a host of enduro-specific parts no matter the build.

It’s available in five models, the entry-level C1 costs $5,600 while the best-specced T3 will set you back $9,100.

2021 Yeti SB165

2021 Yeti SB165
2021 Yeti SB165.
Yeti Cycles

The SB165 is Yeti’s 27.5in-wheeled, 165mm travel do-anything bike with an appetite for the gnarliest of descents and biggest jumps. It’s specced with a coil shock and a 180mm travel single crown fork, but is just as happy with a dual crown setup.

Although smaller wheels make less sense than bigger ones than they used to – as we identified in our first ride review of the bike – there’s no denying that for the biggest of sends there’s still a significant place for the SB165.

The SB165 has generous geometry with a 63.5-degree head-tube angle, 77-degree effective seat-tube angle and reach figures that start at 430.1mm for the small and extend to 505.1mm for the extra-large.

There are six models in the 2021 Yeti SB165 lineup starting at $5,500 for the C1 and up to a lofty $8,100 for the T2 Float X2.

2021 Yeti ARC

2021 Yeti ARC hardtail trail mountain bike
2021 Yeti ARC.
Yeti Cycles

We’ve previously reported on the 2021 ARC and it looks like a monster hardtail with 29in wheels front and back, a 67-degree head tube angle and generous reach sizes. It’s built around a 130mm travel fork and promises to be a trail-razzing monster.

It’s available in six models costing between £3,799 / $3,500 / €4,290 for the ARC C1 and £8,999 / $9,900 for the ARC Anniversary Edition.

2021 Yeti SB115

2021 Yeti SB115 full suspension trail mountain bike
2021 Yeti SB115.
Yeti Cycles

Like the ARC, the SB115 is Yeti’s other totally-new (in travel and name only) bike for 2021. It’s a beefed-up version of the now-discontinued SB100 that uses a longer stroke shock to get the 15mm of extra bounce without increasing frame weight in the process. This is because the SB115’s frame is nigh-on identical to the SB100 it replaces.

It has a 67.5-degree head-tube angle and a 74-degree seat angle with a 450.6mm reach that puts it firmly in downcountry territory.


The 2021 SB115 is available in five models from £4,899 / $4,700 / €5,590 for the least-expensive C1 to $8,000 for the T3 bike ($8,600 with AXS, $9,400 with carbon wheels, $9,900 with both upgrades).