Yeti to launch 29er version of new SB-66?

SB-95 in the pipeline

Yeti's SB-66 - is a 29er version in the pipeline?

When we took our first ride on Yeti’s new SB-66 trail bike earlier this month, we asked about the name. The SB is simple enough – ‘Super Bike’ – but what about the digits? Convention suggested one of them represents the bike’s suspension travel, in inches.


The other number apparently reflects the bike’s wheel size – 26in. Why mention wheel size, unless there are plans for a variant with larger wheels? We put this question to Sarah Rawlins, Yeti’s marketing manager.


Sarah wouldn’t directly confirm the existence of a 29er version, but did say Yeti wouldn’t be designating wheel size in the name unless there was a possibility of using more than one size. The company website also hints at plans for a 29er version; in the FAQs about the SB-66, it says: “So, if we were to do a 29er with this technology and it was a 5in-travel bike, it would be the SB-95.” Watch this space.