Yeti unveils women’s-specific SB5c and ASRc

Yeti Beti models feature women’s components, softer shock tunes

Yeti Cycles has been a longtime supporter of women’s mountain biking. Over the years iconic racers such as Julie Furtado, Marla Streb, Tara Llanes, Jill Kitner, and Rosara Joseph have raced for the brand. The Golden, Colorado-based company also sponsors the all-female Yeti Beti cycling team.For 2015, Yeti taking its commitment to women’s mountain biking one step further with the introduction of women’s-specific versions of the SB5c trail bike and the ASRc cross-country racer.



Underneath the black and coral paint schemes, the Beti versions of the SB5c and ASRc are identical to the unisex versions released last summer, differing only in terms of contact points and suspension tuning.

The beti sb5c and asrc frames are identical to the unisex versions, but come equipped with women’s saddles, slim grips, narrow handlebars, shorter cranks and a softer shock tune:

Both Beti models share the same frames as the unisex versions

Input from the Yeti Beti race team led the company to make several component choices to better tailor the bikes to female riders. 

“We helped Yeti with the different specs and color between the current SB5c and the Yeti Beti model. We had been riding the new ASRc and SB5c since last October and loved the bikes. We told Yeti they don’t need to redesign the frames, just tweak the things we are always swapping out,” said Yeti Beti co-founder Amy Thomas. 

The yeti betis are a colorado-based women’s mountain bike team dedicated to getting more women into the sport through skills its vida skills clinics and the annual yeti beti bike bash. from left to right: elena forchielli, chelsea mcgowan, amy thomas and sarah rawley:

Input from the Yeti Beti racers was instrumental in the development of these two new models. From left to right: Elena Forchielli, Chelsea McGowan, Amy Thomas and Sarah Rawley

The two complete Beti models come equipped with WTB Diva saddles, smaller diameter grips, and slightly narrower, 720mm-wide handlebars. Yeti also shortened the crank length on the extra small, small and medium sizes from 175mm down to 170mm.

In addition to changing the spec on the contact point components, the Yeti Beti SB5c and ASRc feature Fox shocks valved for lighter riders, with less rebound damping so that the suspension doesn’t pack-up on rough terrain.

“As a lighter rider, I really notice how much more lively the bike descends and responds,” Thomas said. 

Pricing, specs and availability

The Beti SB5c will retail for US$6,899 while the Beti ASRc will retail for US$5,799. (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be announced.) For now, both bikes will only be offered in XO1-level build kits. They will be available June 25.

The beti sb5c sports 140mm of front travel and 127mm in the back. it retails for us$6,899 :

The SB5c has 140mm of travel upfront and 127mm in the rear and employs Yeti’s unique Switch Infinity suspension system

The beti asrc has 120mm of front suspension and 100mm in the back. the extra small and small sizes use 27.5in wheels while the larger sizes get 29er hoops. it retails for us$5,799:

The ASRc is a stripped-down single-pivot race bike with 120mm of travel upfront and 100m in the rear. 

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