You can now share photos and videos with other BikeRadar readers!

We've added multimedia posts to our comments section - play nice!

Now you can share your photos and videos with other BikeRadar readers in our comments section

Greetings, BikeRadar readers.


We recently added a new feature to our comments section that will hopefully make many features more engaging. You can now post photos and links to videos in the comment field below each article.

This will make many of our popular Over to You features more entertaining. For instance, you can now post photos of your first bike, the one bike you would own for the rest of your life, your N+1 situation and all the quirky components you’re guilty of hoarding.

It should go without saying — but we’re saying it anyway — that with great power comes great responsibility. Please keep the images and links you share on topic and make sure they are something you would be comfortable sharing with your grandmother.

So, if you feel like diving into the comments section, here are a few Over to You features that can be made better by your multimedia additions.