Two new rad and affordable 2020 bike ranges for kids from YT and Nukeproof

YT Industries and Nukeproof go small

Grey hardtail mountain bike for children from Nukeproof

With the sport of mountain biking continually growing it is no surprise to see a recent explosion in the market for kids’ bikes.


YT Industries and Nukeproof are the latest brands to step up and size down: the two companies add options for serious off-road riding for 2020.

YT Jeffsy Primus 24 and 26in

YT Industries’ Jeffsy trail bike is one of the German brand’s most popular bikes, and now there are two models “for short shredders” with 24in or 26in wheels.

The Jeffsy Primus is a scaled-down Jeffsy with similar frame features, including same-side linkage bolt access and double-sealed bearings. A geometry flip-chip gives an impressively slack 65.5- to 66-degree head angle.

YT describes the Primus as an “extremely playful performance bike” with a “best-in-class spec”. The bikes feature a specific rear shock tune for light riders and a selection of smaller person-friendly components (handlebars, grips, saddle, seatpost, etc.).

These are proper bikes with proper price tags. The 24in model, in one size for riders of 135 to 150cm height, comes in at £1,599; for riders of 145 to 160cm height the 26in version will set you back £1,699.

You do get a lot of bike for the money and if, like YT’s youngest pro signing, the UK’s Harry Schofield, your kid is going to be hitting up bike park laps and massive jumps, the Primus might be just what is needed.

  • YT Jeffsy Primus JP 24: £1,599 / $1,899 / €1,899
  • YT Jeffsy Primus JP 26: £1,699 / $1,999 / €1,999

Nukeproof Cub Scout 20, 24 and 26in

Of course, budgets don’t always stretch into the thousands – or perhaps you are of the school of thought that kids should do their learning on hardtail bikes?

Nukeproof’s new range of bikes for kids extends from 20in to 26in wheels, with three models and six price points to cover plenty of bases.

Nukeproof says the bikes have been developed with the help of staff and their own kids (which means getting feedback from Enduro World Series champion Sam Hill’s nippers) and that they are designed to help kids “enjoy shredding off road, learn the ropes of riding, inspire confidence and act as the perfect platform for progression”.

In case you were wondering, Nukeproof also hopes to “nurture budding future World Cup or EWS winners”.

Kids from age five and up should be covered by the three bikes (each available in one size only), according to Nukeproof, and each model features a range of components selected from partners’ ranges or specifically developed by the brand for smaller riders.

Every bike has a hardtail frame and all but the Cub Scout 20in Sport come with a suspension fork up front.

All models feature hydraulic disc brakes with short stroke levers as well as decent tyres and “up to date long, low and slack kids specific geometry”.

  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 20in Sport: £600 / $600 / €600
  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 20in Race: £900 / $900 / €900
  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 24in Sport: £700 / $700 / €700
  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 24in Race: £1,000 / $1,000 / €1,000
  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 26in Sport: £750 / $750 / €750
  • Nukeproof Cub Scout 26in Race: £1,000 / $1,000 / €1,000