YT reckons the new Capra is the best of both worlds

DH bike-like on the downs, trail bike-like on the ups, apparently

It surely has to be the Holy Grail of any longer travel enduro bike – one that descends like its super long-travel DH brethren, while also climbing like its more agile sibling, the trail bike. YT claims that its latest generation Capra does just that.


While not quite hyperbolic, YT certainly come across as confident that its new enduro bike is nigh-on as capable down the hills as its World Championship winning Tues DH bike, and as climbable as the Jeffsy. Phrases like “we created a full-on downhill machine crossed with the uphill performance of a trail bike,” and “incredible combination of trail bike agility and traction and downhill standard” litter the press release. It almost makes you wonder why YT bothers with any other model.

The Capra’s metric length shocks (250mm on t