Zipp 303 disc wheels point to hydraulic Red group

New 303 discs in clincher and tubular from SRAM

On Wednesday SRAM announced new 11-speed Zipp 303 Firecrest disc-brake wheels. Coming on the heels of SRAM’s 11-speed teaser video, the new wheels point to a hydraulic component of a forthcoming SRAM Red group. SRAM is officially not commenting on a new Red group, but prototype hydraulic levers have been in the works for some time.


Early last year, James Huang reported on the forthcoming SRAM Red hydraulic brakes, and in December he got his hands on a pair of Red hydraulic levers.

A Zipp customer service representative told BikeRadar that the 303 disc wheels will not come as a package with a new Red group, but instead as a separate aftermarket product.


Here are the details on the new 303s:

The Zipp 303 Firecrest Disc-brake wheelset comes in clincher and tubular options with an 11-speed hub. The 45mm Firecrest rims are the same as on the popular 303 Firecrest model. Stainless steel bearings sit in a custom cartridge with two-cross spoke lacing on the front wheel and ‘virtual’ three-cross in the rear. In the rear configuration, the spokes cross twice, but they exit the hub flange at an angle similar to that of a j-bend spoke in a three-cross configuration. Zipp claims that this results in equal or greater wheel stiffness than a three-cross wheel, plus it uses shorter spokes.

The new zipp 303 firecrest disc-brake wheels will be available in july:
The 303 Firecrest disc wheels will be available in July

The hubs are a new 188 disc model.

The tubulars weigh a claimed 1,435g and come with a suggested rider limit of 250lbs/113kg. The carbon clinchers weigh a claimed 1,680g and come with the same rider limit suggestion.

The 303 Firecrest wheels will be available in July for $2,500/€2,300 with either white or black decals.

The new zipp 303 firecrest disc-brake wheels will come in tubular and clincher:
The wheels will come in tubular and clincher options