Zipp introduces 101 aluminium wheelset

Wind tunnel tested and made in USA

Zipp Speed Weaponry, pioneers in the carbon wheel market, have introduced their first aluminium aerodynamic road wheelset, the 101.


The 1,484g wheelset uses what the company calls a fully ‘toroidal’ rim shape (narrow at the mouth, wide on the sides). Unlike non-toroidal rims of similar widths, the 101 can be used safely with tyres as narrow as 21mm because the toroidal shape is narrower at the brake track than in the middle.

“The 101 probably has more in common with our carbon wheels than it does with any other aluminium wheel that’s ever been made,” said Zipp Technical Director Josh Poertner. “(The 101s) have gone through our wind tunnel development process, it’s faster than deeper-section rims from other companies, and it’s built by hand in the USA.”

Designed for racing and everyday training, the 101’s curved profile – 24.5mm wide and 30mm deep – smoothes airflow by matching the width of the rim to the width of any tyre up to 25mm.

Wind tunnel tested and just 1,484g for the pair.:

At 1,484 grams, the 101 is comparable in weight to the industry’s benchmark aluminium race wheels, but according to Zipp’s test results, is 42 seconds faster over 40km.  

According to Zipp, the 101’s wide platform also resists pinch flatting, improves lateral stiffness and provides stable handling on rough surfaces.

Like all Zipp wheels, the 101 uses the 88 front and 188 rear hubs with adjustable bearing preload. The 101 is available with a clincher rim and 18/20 spoke count; a PowerTap version will be available in 2010. The wheelset will retail for US$1,300.

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