Zipp recalls 18,530 quick-release skewers, plus Zipp 88 hubs

Titanium and steel QRs sold between March 2015 and December 2015 on variety of Zipp wheels

SRAM is recalling some 18,530 quick-release skewers that came on Zipp wheels sold between March 2015 and December 2015. There is no code on the affected quick releases, however they can be identified by their shape and the absence of a printed mark on the back center of the lever. In related news, SRAM is recalling Zipp 88v6, 88v7 and 88v8 hubs.


The quick releases, both titanium and steel, are being recalled because they can fail to engage when in the closed position. There have been no reports of crashes or injuries, Zipp says.

Zipp will replace affected quick releases with those that have either a date code or a “C” printed on the back of the lever. Quick releases that already have one of these markings are not affected.

Quick releases with a
Quick releases with a “C” like the above, or a date code in the same place, are not affected by the recall

If you have a set of affected quick releases, stop using them immediately and contact SRAM or a local bike shop for a free replacement.

In the United States, consumers can call SRAM at 1-800-346-2928. 

For the hubs, SRAM is recalling 88v6, 88v7 and 88v8 alloy front hubs.The hub flanges could fail and could cause a crash.

In February 2015, SRAM recalled the original Zipp 88 alloy hubs that were sold between October 2008 and December 2010.

There is no UPC code or serial number on the front hubs. However, the affected ZIPP 88v6, 88v7 and 88v8 aluminum front hubs are identifiable by the presence of a separable flange ring. The geometry of all three affected models is the same. The models were offered in a variety of colors, including black, silver, and falcon grey. The 88v9 hubs are not affected.

The hubs at left are being recalled. note the flange ring on those two models. the hub at right, 88v9, does not have a flange ring and is not being recalled:

Zipp 88 hubs with a flange ring, such as those two above at left, are affected by the expanded recall. Those without, such as the one at right, are not