Zipp rolls out 30 and 60 Clinchers

Lower-priced alternatives to 101 and 404 wheels

Zipp today announced two new clincher wheelsets with wide carbon rims, aluminum braking surfaces and new hubsets with stainless steel bearings. Dubbed for their respective approximate rim heights, the 30 Clincher and 60 Clincher will be available in March.


The 30 and 60 Clinchers come in as relatively less expensive counterparts to the similarly shaped 101 Clincher and 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher, respectively.

The new zipp 60 clincher: the new zipp 60 clincher
The new 60 Clincher

Both feature what Zipp is touting as an “all-new hybrid toroidal aluminum rim” that bulges out (to a maximum width of 21.5mm on the 30 and 23.5mm on the 60), and a brand new aluminum hub that Zipp says requires no pre-load adjustment.

The wide rim stance makes any given clincher a bit wider, which Zipp says increases grip and comfort.

The $390/£305/€360 30 Clincher front wheel weighs 765g with 18 Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The $460/£370/€425 rear weighs 890g with 20 spokes and is available with a SRAM/Shimano body or a Campagnolo body.

On the 60 Clinchers, which features 58mm rims, the $675/£540/€623 front wheel weighs 850g with 18 spokes. The $825/£660/€762 rear weighs 970g with 20 Sapim X-Ray spokes.


While the 30 and 60 wheels are similar in shape to the 101 and 404s, they are not identical. In addition to the new wheels being heavier, of course, they are also a bit slimmer. The 404, for example, features a 24.7mm brake track width and a 26.5mm max width, compared to the 60’s 18.7mm brake track width and a 13.7mm max width. And while the 60 shares the dimpled-surface appearance of its higher-end siblings, the 30 does not.

The new zipp 30 clincher: the new zipp 30 clincher
The new Zipp 30 Clincher