Zipp Super-9 clincher – Eurobike 2012

The fastest aero disc wheel you can buy?

Zipp claim to have created their fastest ever wheel and the quickest hoop currently available on the market. It’s something we’d expect from the aero wheel stalwarts, but what’s most surprising is that the new TT rear disc is clincher only.


The key to the design, Zipp say, lies in the width. The disc wheel is wider than most, to enhance the subtlety of the transition between disc and tyre. Creating as smooth a path as possible between them helps reduce drag.

The rim width at the tyre bed is a massive 27.5mm, by far the widest rim Zipp have yet produced.

Zipp have researched the breadth of the latest clincher and tubular tyres, and say the differences between the best of both worlds are so minimal that being able to change a clincher tyre dependent on conditions gives it the edge.

For example, if you arrive at a time trial or triathlon, find that the road surface is poor and see the benefits of running a 25mm tire over a 23mm model, a clincher makes more sense as it’s a five minute job to switch between the two. A glued-on tubular tyre limits your choices.

Zipp also suggest that instead of just running your disc clincher on race day, you could train on them too. There’s a certain sense to the theory, providing the tyres are good enough to perform the job in hand.

The super-9 clincher’s curved brake track and super-wide rim : the super-9 clincher’s curved brake track and super-wide rim
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

The Super-9 clincher’s curved brake track and super-wide rim

The Super-9’s material content is very similar to that of the new 202 wheelset, meaning the same high temperature and high impact resistance.

With an all up weight of 1,175g, it’s competitively light, yet it’s also the stiffest wheel Zipp have ever produced.

As with all Zipp’s 2013 wheelsets, it’s also Shimano 11-speed compatible. This is thanks to a new freehub body design that increases the overall width dimension by 1.85mm (all wheels come with a spacer to maintain compatibility with Shimano 10-speed drivetrains).

The new Super-9 has been used over the current season by Omega-Pharma QuickStep. Rolf Aldag, technical advisor to the team, said “the future of TT and triathlon is with the clincher, and the Zipp Super-9 is leading the way. It’s about grip, speed, performance and rolling resistance – and that’s really about the difference between winning and losing.”


The new Super-9 will be available shortly, and pricing is set at US$2,375 / 2,200 Euros. Any current Zipp wheel can be converted to the new design at your local Zipp dealer or distributor.