Silver is the new stealth | Zipp adds silver option to Service Course finishing kit

Handlebar, stem and seatpost options now available in handsome shiny silver

Zipp Service Course silver finishing kit-4

Just when you’d finally got your hands on every last component in super-cool stealthy black, Zipp goes and adds a line of silver-coloured Service Course products to its ranges.


Zipp has launched the so-old-it’s-new silver scheme across a number of its handlebar options, plus a stem and seatpost. This isn’t entirely new gear, but it is all proven, as well as being relatively affordable.

There’s not a lot more to say other than it’s time to start thinking up your next colour scheme.

Silver Service Course 70 XLPR handlebar

Zipp says the Service Course 70 XLPR bar is perfect for the modern gravel bike, with a comfortable shape that will suit “paved roads onto gravel, mud, dirt, and even singletrack”.

  • Shallow and wide drops
  • All-round riding
  • £54 / $55 / € 61

Silver Service Course 70 Ergo handlebar

Zipp Service Course silver finishing kit
The new finishing kit looks great as a complete package.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

About the Service Course 70 Ergo road handlebar, Zipp says it features a design based on feedback from pro bike fitters and riders, alongside an ergonomic top section. The price is also competitive for a mid-range bar.

  • 70mm reach and 128mm drop for a short-low position
  • Flattened top shape to better fit the hand
  • £54 / $55 / € 61

Silver Service Course 80 Ergo handlebar

The Service Course 80 Ergo is a bar made with weight, stiffness and comfort in mind.

There are also some recent updates to the product, Zipp says “the new Service Course 80 Ergo retains the same 80mm reach and 125mm drop of the existing Service Course 80 bars” but the new flattened bar top and a 3-degree backsweep put your wrists in a more natural and neutral position on the tops.

  • 80mm reach and 125mm drop for a medium-high position
  • Flat transition to hoods
  • Di2 RS910 junction compatible
  • £54.00 / $55.00 / € 61.00

Silver Service Course 80 handlebar

The Service Course 80 is aimed at providing both comfort and efficiency. Zipp says it “allows a neutral wrist position on the drops and a flat brake hood transition for the athlete even while riding with a more upright position. Drops are angled outward by 4 degrees to reduce wrist strain.”

  • 80mm reach and 125mm drop
  • £54 / $55 / € 61

Silver Service Course seatpost

Zipp Service Course silver seatpost
Zipp has introduced a new logo with the seatpost.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The Service Course seatpost is offered with two different offsets, 0mm and 20mm. Zipp says it has taken feedback from its athletes to continually develop manufacturing processes and materials.

  • 2-bolt adjustability
  • 20mm and 0 offset version
  • £50 / $56  / €56

Silver Service Course stem

Zipp says its Service Course stems, like its seatposts, have been recently redesigned based on athlete feedback, including the new silver colour. Two rise options are available: 6 degrees and 25 degrees.

  • 6-degree and 25-degree rise available
  • New faceplate and body geometry for greater stiffness and easier installation
  • £50 / $56 / €56