Zwift aims to make indoor training fun

The social and competitive side of cycling in the warmth of your own home

This video was produced in partnership with Zwift. 



Indoor training is often more of a necessarily evil than an ideal way to ride. Zwift is looking to change that. The company have developed software that aims to transform the experience from a form of purgatory into a fun, social experience.

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Essentially, it’s a software program that can be downloaded onto a Mac or PC, interacts with your trainer, and allows you to ride other real and virtual riders in an online environment, like a real-time cycling video game. A number of pro cyclists have also signed up, so you may find yourself riding alongside Jens Voight or Evelyn Stevens. 

Currently, it’s available as a free beta product, but it will shortly move to a monthly subscription service, with benefits such as structured training programs. 


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