Zwift for tots: the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

$150 indoor bike for little kids is Bluetooth equipped

Better than just sitting in front of a TV. The Think & Learn Smart Cycle

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, toymaker Fisher-Price launched a Bluetooth-equipped indoor bike for kids six and under. Dubbed the Think & Learn Smart Cycle, the tiny plastic spin bike works with educational game apps.


Just like a smart trainer for adults — but for about a tenth of the price — the Smart Cycle lets kids control the pace of their movement on the screen with the speed of their pedaling.

Fisher-Price launched a version of this 10 years ago, but that one had to be plugged into a TV, and a joystick was used to interact with games. Even in that version, kids could race against virtual competitors.


The Smart Cycle is due out this fall for $150, or about £120.