Feeling overloaded with virtual data? Zwift now lets you hide it all with latest update

Free your mind from distractions with Zwift’s latest update

Zwift Hide Display

Zwift has launched a new in-game feature that allows users to turn off all on-screen data and information, “giving Zwifters the chance to explore more, and lose themselves in the game’s immersive landscapes”.

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The feature is available now, following the indoor cycling app’s latest update, and can be used when free-riding, running or when taking part in a group ride, event or race.

Zwift is also trialling races under its FutureWorks moniker – called ‘FutureWorks Hud-less’ races – where users will be unable to display on-screen data and information for the duration of the event.

Unsurprisingly, the feature cannot be activated during workout mode, or when doing a group workout event, as seeing information about the workout and intervals is necessary to properly take part in those activities.

How do I hide the display in Zwift?

Zwift Hide Display
If you’re using a keyboard, you just hit H to toggle on-screen data on and off.

The HUD and other on-screen information can be hidden by pressing H on your computer’s keyboard, via the Zwift companion app for iOS and Android devices, or via the on-screen ‘hide display’ button that has been added to the game’s action bar.

This will hide the following data and information from your screen;

  • The keystone
  • PowerUp ring
  • Telemetry panel
  • Leaderboards
  • Map
  • Riders nearby list
  • Chat

Once activated, you’ll be riding with an unobstructed view of your avatar riding through Zwift’s virtual landscapes, perhaps making sitting indoors on your smart trainer that little bit more peaceful.

At first glance, it undoubtedly makes the screen a lot less busy, and allows you to see more of the virtual environment. There’s no option to customise which data and information panels to turn on or off, though – for now, it’s all or nothing.

Zwift Hide Display
On a tablet, you can use the ‘hide display’ button on the action bar to toggle on-screen data on and off.
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To unhide these features, you can simply press H on your keyboard again, or the same ‘hide display’ button on screen or on the Zwift Companion app.