Zwift users top 5.8 million cumulative miles in January, company claims

Virtual cycling game racks up the indoor hours with users

Users of the virtual cycling game Zwift have been tallying some serious virtual miles, with 5.8 million cumulative miles completed in January, the company said.


Seeing as how the average Zwift ride is 18 miles, that 5.8m miles represents quite a few trainer sessions. Zwift declined to say how many total users it has for the game that costs $10 / £8 a month.

In terms of geographical distribution, the UK had three of the top 10 cities (London being #1), the US and Canada each had two and Asia had three. 

Here are a few other stats from January 2016:

  • Longest ride: 1,000 miles
  • Average FTP (of riders user workout mode): 220 watts
  • Cumulative hours in workout mode: 95,186
  • Rider power sources for workout mode: smart trainer 37.7% / trainer 37.6% / power meter 24.7%
  • Strava profiles connected: 58,159

Click through the photo gallery above for some more Zwift January 2016 statistics.