Hamax PLUS Premium Carrier & pannier review

Detailed rack and pannier

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2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5
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Hamax plus premium carrier & pannier

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Heavy, dear and less practical than conventional setups
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This isn’t your ordinary tubular rack, it’s a sturdy (1.85kg!) steel and plastic platform rack that, with its dedicated childseat, basket and panniers, forms a modular system.

Non Hamax PLUS items might fit – our Carradice pannier hooks clasped the 15mm-deep angular rails – but don’t count on it. There are some neat design touches, such as an integral LED rear light that will run off battery or dynamo power, and a hidden mini pump.

Moreover, the rack is quick-release; seatstay and dropout fittings stay on the bike, while the rack (1.65kg of it) lifts off. But how often do you want to remove a rack from a bike?

The strength of the 14-litre side-specific pannier is that you can use it while a Hamax Plus childseat is fitted. A split cover gives access past the childseat’s foot support. It’s otherwise unremarkable, with a raincover, shoulder strap and external pocket.

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Attachment is by open hooks, with a token slot and latch fastening that’s outclassed by fittings from Ortlieb et al. Most users will be better off with separates. If the rack/childseat option appeals, we’d recommend a Copilot Limo.

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