Steadyrack Classic bike rack review

Clever cycle storage solution

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £65.99 RRP | AUD $99.00 | USD $79.99

Our review

Fantastic design execution - space efficient, no stress storage solution but a fiddly install
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The Australian-designed Steadyrack takes a novel approach to bike storage. It doesn’t touch anything but the tyres and provides far more than just simple vertical storage.

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There are many unique features to the Steadyrack, but for us, the best thing about it is ability to swing the bike side from to side against the wall. In a cramped bike storage room, it allows easier access to other bikes and makes use of wall space instead of floor space. For garages that don’t allow enough space for a bike to sit 90 degrees from the wall, being able to swing the bike against the wall is simply brilliant.

The steadyrack holds the front wheel securely in place and allows the bike to swing from side to side: the steadyrack holds the front wheel securely in place and allows the bike to swing from side to side
David Rome/Future Publishing

Another key feature of the Steadyrack how it lets you roll the bike straight on and off without having to lift it. Correct installation height is key for this feature and detailed instructions for this are included; however, as bike wheelbases vary, it’s best to set each rack for specific bikes (or at least bike styles). It’s worth noting that the rack pictured isn’t installed in this way because of space restraints and our staggered storage layout.

It’s possible to mount multiple racks at alternating heights, and depending on the bikes’ handlebar width, the racks can be spaced quite closely together. The downside to this is some bikes will need to be lifted into the higher racks, rather then rolled on.

Standard rim hooks can put pressure on the spokes, scratch the rims or just not fit deep rims. With a growing number of riders choosing deep dish and/or expensive carbon wheels, so the fact that the Steadyrack only contacts the bike at the tyres is no small benefit – it means no risk of wheel or frame damage.

There’s a rear wheel guard to stop wear and dirt on the wall. It’s a simple piece of plastic that serves the purpose well, easing the swinging motion without making the rack more complicated.

A wide range of bike types will fit, and while we experienced no issues fitting a 29 x 2.2in tyre in the rack, it was a snug fit and a wider tyre will make it difficult to hang and remove the bike.

Even large 29in mountain bike wheels fit – we found 2.25in tyre was about the maximum width that the rack could take :
David Rome/Future Publishing

For security purposes, the bike can be locked to the Steadyrack by looping a standard bicycle lock through. When not in use, the rack simply folds flat against the wall. Unfolding it is simple – it takes no more effort than pulling down on the top of the hanging frame.

Installing the rack is easy, but not especially quick. It’s also not the best storage solution for anyone who’s renting their home, as it is mounted directly to the wall with a total of six bolts (two for the rear wheel guard). Mounting hardware is provided for those mounting in masonry or timber, but it’s best to consult a local hardware store if you’re unsure.

We admit to having taken two attempts at installation after not being accurate enough the first time. There isn’t room for error with the snug mounting holes, so careful drilling is essential.

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It’s not the simplest thing to install, but once on the wall it’s incredibly functional. Of course it’s more expensive than a basic wheel hook, but it’s brilliant if you’re short on space.

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