Buxum Tourmalet bike box review

Part flight case, part sculpture

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A unique design offering premium protection for your pride and joy
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Hong Kong-based cyclist Ed Morris wasn’t satisfied with the protection offered by current bike travel boxes – and so Buxum was born.


Constructed using laser-cut aluminium sheets, curved edges, armoured corners and 600 rivets, the Buxum is tough – but the detailing is exquisite. It is satin finished, with stainless steel fittings and red anodising – and not obviously a bike box.

  • Highs: Strong, compact, ease of use, looks
  • Lows: Giving it to the baggage handlers

The upper half is removed by releasing four fasteners with a quarter turn, with four spring-loaded handles for steering and lifting. The Tourmalet accepts most road bikes with frames up to 62cm, measures 117x80x31.5cm and weighs 13.55kg including the padded wheel bags. The smaller Galibier and larger Ventoux are for splittable frames or minimal disassembly.

The fork mount is low in one corner, a sliding mount clamps the rear dropouts, and the base has elastic cord for stashing items. Before packing our 56cm bike we removed wheels, post, bar and pedals; larger bikes may require the stem to be turned. Tightening the fork mount’s quick release lever is fiddly, but the rear is far easier, and it pays to put the chain on the big ring first and shift the derailleur inwards to improve clearance.

The buxum development team tested the durability of the 0.5mm skin by blasting it with a shotgun – no shot pierced the box:

The Buxum development team tested the durability of the 0.5mm skin by blasting it with a shotgun – no shot pierced the box

Then just secure the bar, stow the saddle and seatpost, and drop the bagged wheels in. The wheel bags have reinforced radial slots, which allow the box’s central bracing bar to pass through. There’s space for extra items, and though we’d probably add pipe insulation, little is needed. Two external fasteners are lockable with TSA (Transport Security Administration)-approved cable locks, permitting in-transit security checks.

The handle is well placed and the box steers and rolls easily, albeit noisily. At the other end, it took us under 10 minutes to having a rideable bike. Future tweaks will shed 300g and offer thru-axle fittings, while extras include space for more wheels and custom shades for multiple units. It’s stunning to look at, simple to use, but only you can decide how much protection your bike deserves.

Prices Excluding Tax and Delivery: £500 / US$850 / €629


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Product Specifications


Name Tourmalet (15)
Brand Buxum

Description Size: 117x80x31.5cm
Weight (g) 13550
Frame Size Compatibility 620
Wheel Bags Included Yes
casters or wheels Yes