Fabric Water Bottle review

The lightest bottle 'cage' ever

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3.7 out of 5 star rating 3.7
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Our review

An amazing attachment system with a so-so bottle and valve. It's ideal for keeping bikes looking uncluttered, and is the lightest water bottle "cage" available.
Buy if, You appreciate the minimalist look sans bottle, or you're a weight weenie
Pros: Utterly brilliant bottle attachment, super lightweight
Cons: Bottle is hard, valve is mediocre
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Reviewing a water bottle seems silly. It holds water, and when the valve is open, and the bottle squeezed, water comes out. Fabric’s bottle does all that, but how it attaches to your bike is completely unique.

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Even with a bottle, the looks are cleaner than with a cage strangling a bottle
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

First a bit of back story. I spent the better part of six months agonizing over frame angles and lengths, tubing bends, paint colors (lack there of), seatstay designs, dropouts and more with the guy who builds Meriwether custom steel frames. Another month was spent debating parts, forks and drivetrains. When it was finally put together, it was gorgeous.

People who have less than zero interest in bikes were like “wow, that’s a cool bike.” So when I bolted on a water bottle cage to the down tube, having this incongruous blob in the middle of this rolling work of art bummed me out. In my opinion it ruined the carefully curated lines of the bike. So when I saw this crazy new bottle with minuscule mounts from UK company Fabric, I had to have one. 

The best ‘cage’ ever

Two tiny studs mount on to your frame’s water bottle bosses to secure the water bottle. And that’s it. Three minuscule grams (not that I’m counting). More importantly for me, no unsightly, weirdly bent metal cage, or worse yet a random mishmash of carbon cluttering up my custom frame’s design that was so obsessed over.  

With the bottle removed, only two clean, low-profile bolts remain
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

The bottle slides over the two tiny studs and clicks into place. Grabbing the bottle is just as simple as a standard cage, possibly easier than some carbon cages with considerable retention. It does take a bit more practice to locate the studs and replace the bottle, but once attached the bottle stays put; full or empty, a bottle hasn’t ejected ever. 

The bottle slides over the two studs and clicks into place
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Bottle let down

The 600ml bottle itself isn’t as slick as the cage unfortunately. I find it a bit hard to squeeze, and the valve isn’t nearly as good as ones found on Camelbak or Purist bottles.

The bottle is BPA free and has been taste-free and leak-free thankfully, but it’s a bit of let down when paired with the clearly brilliant mounting system. And all of my other bottles, and likely the schwag bottles I get in the future aren’t compatible with the mounting studs. 

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The kit comes with black and white studs, four bolts, and the bottle
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

More options coming

Fabric is releasing more bottles and a tool keg (for holding tools, tubes, food, etc.) this Fall. 

Fabric Water Bottle and studs pricing

£9.99 / US$15 / Australian pricing not available

Product Specifications


Name Water Bottle
Brand Fabric