Profile Aero Drink Bottle review

An effective, efficient way to slurp

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Profile Aero Drink Bottle

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Simple and easy to use drinking set up
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When time-trial season’s upon you, it’s always handy to take advantage of every possible way for getting those times down.


Staying hydrated or fuelled, especially on longer distances is a must. So what could be easier than a bottle mounted right in front of you on the aero bars?

Profile’s Aero drink bottle simply fits to the bars with two rubber bands, which may sound crude but does the job perfectly well. That said, a specific bracket sold separately (£7.95) is also available.

The 127g Aero drinks bottle is not super lightweight but it is solid so doesn’t deform or buckle when clamped in place. An extended drinking straw makes slurping easy and filling is convenient though the mesh top – that’s the funny yellow thing on top.

Being mesh means you can simply tip liquids straight through it into the bottle. Profile say it acts as a splash guard to keep the contents in – which it does to an extent – but if you tip it the liquid will obviously get out as easily as it went in. The bottle itself holds 32oz as our American friends would say, which is a tad under a litre.


Being mounted up front means it shouldn’t have too much effect on your aerodynamics. At just under 15 quid this makes for a simple and easy drinking solution so you’re not fumbling about for or, worse still, dropping drinks bottles and wasting valuable time.

Product Specifications


Name Aero Drink Bottle
Brand Profile

Features Splash guard poly web plug and extended soft straw
Volume 1000
Weight (g) 127
Available Colours White
Container Type Bottle