Vincero Design Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle review

Magnetic water bottle & mount

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0
GBP £33.99 RRP | USD $46.95
Vincero Design Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle

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Great for small frames where a bottle cage can be a tight fit
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Vincero Design’s Edge 16 bottle mount is radically different – rather than the usual cage, it uses a high-strength magnet moulded inside a diamond-shaped carbon fibre mount. The dedicated Stratus bottle mates to this using its own matching magnet.

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At 16g this is one of the lightest bottle mounts on the market, and at a mere 75g our 591ml bottle weighed no more than average. It’s as secure as any lightweight cage, but where it really scores is on small frames where a standard bottle cage can be a very tight squeeze; the system requires much less forward movement to free the bottle – about an inch compared with three for a standard cage.

The Edge 16 is a doddle to use – a quick pull up releases the bottle, and the magnet helps you relocate it quickly. Even if it’s slightly misaligned the magnet is strong enough to help you return it easily. It’s particularly good over rough surfaces when the bottle’s running low – a standard bottle can work loose and bounce out of its cage, but the Edge’s magnetic pull means that the bottle is just as secure empty as it is full. We’ve even used it on mountain bike rides with no problems.

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The dedicated Stratus bottle is a very high quality product, with a pressure valve rather than a nozzle; it’s a case of squeeze to drink. The valve has stayed drip- and leak-free too. The system’s downside is that you’ll have to stock up on bottles, but happily they aren’t expensive: 591ml (20fl oz) bottles cost £6.99, 710ml (24fl oz) ones £7.99. The Edge 16 mount is available on its own for £27.99. A twin mount, five-bottle pack costs £84.99. 

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Name Name, 0, 10, Name, Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle (12)
Brand Brand, 0, 20, Brand, Vincero Design

Description Description, 2, 0, Description, Mount - 16g, Bottle - 75g
Features Features, 2, 0, Features, Stratus 591ml (20floz) bottles cost £6.99, 710ml (24floz) ones £7.99. The Edge 16 mount is available on its own for £27.99. A twin mount, five-bottle pack costs £84.99.
Volume Volume, 2, 0, Volume, 591