Reimann P20 Sunscreen review

The summer is great for long day rides in great weather. However if, like me, that means just one thing - burning - you need to think about your protection.

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Reimann P20 Sunscreen

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Simply the best sunscreen for cycling we've ever used
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If, like me, during long sunny summer day rides you are prone to burning, you need to think about your protection. Like most cyclists I know I just want to get on the bike and go, with usually a rudimentary splash of sunscreen if I remember it.


And while I wouldn’t dream of riding without plenty of fluids, protection from the sun is pretty much always overlooked. On top of that, if sunscreen is remembered, as soon as you introduce exercise into the equation and start to build up a sweat, it can get washed away – and I would never think to take a bottle with me to top up on the way.

Reimann P20 sounds like the answer for anyone who is as slapdash as me when it comes to sun protection. P20 needs to be applied once and once only to be effective all day. With SPF20 it blocks the sun’s dangerous and burning UVB rays but still lets some UVA through (the bit that gives you a tan). It feels entirely different to any other sunscreens I’ve used as it has no odour (great if you don’t want to smell like a Pina Colada). It also has a much more liquid appearance rather than a cream which makes it easier to apply. It has to be applied 90 minutes before exposure to the sun to allow it to sink in, which is a drawback, but this will last for the whole day even when exercising or even swimming. In use it’s outstanding. I’ve used it twice; once on a seven-hour ride and also took it camping on one of the hottest weekends of the year, and both times I came back completely un-singed.


P20 has been used extensively by UK athletes competing in the Marathon des Sables (a six-day run across the Sahara) with positive feedback from nearly all who used it.

Product Specifications


Name P20 Sunscreen
Brand Reimann

Description SPF20 sunscreen
Volume 200