Gemini Duo 2 Cell light review

Compact, practical and reliable

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £165.00 RRP | AUD $270.00 | USD $150.00

Our review

Thoroughly proven and practical light with impressive illumination for its size and weight
Buy if, You want a small, punchy light that'll work both on your bars or on your bonce
Pros: Compact, versatile and good illumination
Cons: Run time could be longer, though the four-cell version solves this problem
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Gemini has been a top-performing light brand in our tests for years, with impeccable reliability from steadily evolved, improved power platforms every year. This means the twin LED Duo gets uprated to 1600 lumens this year, giving a great mix of focused central punch but smooth progression into peripheral coverage.


That makes the tiny twin-head unit equally usable as a bar light or a helmet light and you even get a headstrap harness included for off-bike use. O-ring attachment is secure in all cases and the small battery will comfortably fit under most stems or drop into a pocket.

The three power levels are accessed with a clear click on a slightly raised rubber button that’s okay to find with gloved fingers. While it runs a practical 20/60/100 per cent power split as the default setting, each step can be programmed up or down in 10 percent stages to suit your personal tastes and run-time needs.

There’s an LED battery life indicator built into the light for accurate run-time rationing as well. If the relatively limited run-time of this two-cell version is likely to restrict your night-time play time then there’s also a double capacity four-cell battery option. This year Gemini has even bolted three Duo head units together to create the new remote controlled 3600 lumen Titan.

  • Weight: 213g
  • Run time: 1:50hr

Product Specifications


Name Duo 2 Cell
Brand Gemini

Description Run Time: 1:50hr
Weight (g) 213
Position Front