Gemini TITAN front light review

Awesome triple-headed illumination

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £199.00 RRP | AUD $449.00 | USD $270.00
Gemini's TITAN light means business

Our review

Potential fit faff, but truly brilliant user-friendly mega light at a reasonable weight and price
Buy if, You want to equip your rig with genuinely class-leading illumination
Pros: Superb reach and coverage, programmability, user friendliness
Cons: You may need to rearrange whatever else is cluttering your bars
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Gemini’s new triple-headed light looks like a gimmick but sitting three of the brand’s neat, reliable DUO lights side by side in one combined head unit actually works incredibly well on the trail.


The six-LED output is quite simply the best we’ve used in terms of practical power and balance. Impressively broad corner coverage blends with ‘far as you can see’ distance throw for speed work and a huge amount of front and centre fill for accurately assessing techy trails even at half power.

The wireless remote comes ready synced to toggle between 4,000, 1,800 and 600 lumens, and each mode can also be programmed in 10% increments. There’s even a ‘dip’ button for riding in traffic.

Remaining battery life is indicated by power button colour change and if 1hr 40mins on full chat isn’t enough, the eight-cell battery adds 30mins for a modest extra outlay. The long (123mm), low head unit means bike computers will need shifting and bulkier bar clamps may require the use of DIY height spacers, but there’s no movement even on hardcore trails. The bag battery mounts easily on most frames, the price and 479g weight are competitive for its power and features, and Gemini reliability has always been excellent too.



  • Six-cell battery: £290 / US$270 / AU$449
  • Eight-cell battery: £300 / US$300 / AU$499

Product Specifications


Name TITAN head light
Brand Gemini

Battery Power Supply Yes
Position Front