Hope R2i LED front light review

A light for the long-term

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £175.00 RRP
Hope's R2i LED light

Our review

Heavy and pricey, but a beautifully made, very effective and easy to use illumination investment
Buy if, You want a super tough, brilliantly backed up long-term investment for your money
Pros: User friendly, bombproof system that’s way better than it looks on paper
Cons: Heavy and low ‘on paper’ power for the price
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Hope’s machined self-contained light is a highly practical and utterly robust unit that performs way better in the real world than on paper stats would suggest.


Hope produces a range of separate battery lights designed for mountain biking but the R2i (integrated) is the only self contained one in its range since it phased out the R1.

Hope isn’t shy of using plenty of metal to guarantee a solid product and the R2i comes with a multi adjustable two-piece, two-bolt metal mount. This clamps around 25.4-35mm round section bars depending on what spacers you leave in/out.

I’ve also managed to squeeze it onto the round clamping section of otherwise flat aero bars by nudging the bar off-centre slightly. Once in place the offset arm centralises the chunky carved body over the stem with a built-in spring to the bayonet lock to keep it quiet and stable.

In lighting terms, the 1,300 theoretical (1,000 measured) lumens looks poor on paper for the price. It seems significantly more powerful on/off the road though, not least because a hint of ‘double barrel’ effect from the side by side LEDs helps add binocular detail to deciphering what’s ahead.

The deliberately eye friendly, warm coloured, focused centre, progressive fade beam spread avoids stark reflections and sharp edges to keep eyes fresh, even at the end of a long day at work or in the saddle. That means I’ve found that even the mid setting is ample for most riding on or off road which extends run time significantly.

Current mode is indicated clearly via the back-lit main button and there’s a ‘push to test’ traffic light battery level checker.


It’s high weight reflects its sturdy all metal construction, and factory direct back-up from Hope is legendarily good. That means you’re definitely getting a smart long-term investment for your money and not a short lived, unsupported ‘bargain’.

Product Specifications


Name R2i LED
Brand Hope

Position Front