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Knog PWR Road review

Practical light/power bank combo

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £85.00 RRP | USD $90.00 | AUD $120.00
Pack shot of the Knog PWR Road front light

Our review

High-quality light/power bank system that’s particularly suited to touring
Pros: Beam quality; versatility; system options; ease of use
Cons: Not my first choice to take off-road but hardly a low in the context of a road test
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Knog’s modular PWR system is based around a central power pack available in a number of different capacities. Here it’s paired with a 700-lumen lighthead which offers excellent beam quality and versatility, in an easy to use device.


The PWR Road may only have a max of 700 lumens and, if you were to judge by that and the beam shot alone, you would be forgiven for thinking it less of a light.

However, the beam quality is spot on, with a gradual taper to the periphery and a strong cut-off point that prevents dazzle. True, it doesn’t have the same distance reach of some more powerful lights, but it has proved to be enough out on the road and, simply put, it’s just pleasing to ride with.

A cut-out in the housing provides side illumination for better on-road visibility, too.

Knog PWR Road front road cycling light
A strong cut-off point at the top of the beam means there is no distracting dazzle.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

It has six modes: Max, Mid, Stamina, Pulse, Strobe flash and Eco Flash, which can be programmed using the Knog ModeMaker app.

However, cycling through the modes manually could not be easier as it’s a straightforward twist of the head to switch on and then subsequently scroll through the different settings.

I was pretty sure this would prove to be particularly handy for cold or gloved hands during the winter months.

There’s a practicality that is written through every aspect of this light, which is unsurprising when you learn that the PWR system is a group of products designed to work together utilising the same charging system.

Pop the bulb off the end and inside you’ll see the charging point, plus two USB ports that allow the battery to be used as a power bank.

Additional power banks can be purchased separately and there’s a double charging pod available if you decide to go all-in for the system, which includes not only a range of lights but torches and a lantern attachment.

To check the amount of battery power remaining when the light is off, just tap the end of the light. In use, four LEDs on the side indicate time remaining – it’s a detail that seems unimportant, but positioning these on the side means you don’t get the usual glare from them on top when you’re riding.

The bracket can be attached above or below your bar – or for those that prefer it, the light also allows for central mounting over the stem.

Once the bracket is in place the light slides on and locates with a positive click. It’s light enough to consider using it as a head lamp if you do night running, too. A GoPro/helmet mount is available separately.


The Knog PWR Road is a well-made and versatile light that, along with its power bank and charging options, makes it a good choice for touring or multi-day rides where charging opportunities are limited.

How we tested

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Product Specifications


Price AUD $120.00GBP £85.00USD $90.00
Weight 158g – including mount
Brand Knog


Features Lumens: 700 Lux (5m at full beam) 95
Run time (full beam): 140 minutes
IP rating: N/A
Battery capacity: 3350 Li-Ion
Modes: Six including pulse, strobe and flash
Integrated battery Yes
Light type Front