Lezyne Megadrive Loaded front light review

Punchy twin-LED unit

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2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5
GBP £200.00 RRP | AUD $299.95 | USD $249.99

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Good looking design but short run time, high weight and beam and split beam issues
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This review is a small part of our Best Mountain Bike Lights feature, where we tell you the three best lights – plus eight others to consider – after testing 24 different sets of lights.


Lezyne gear isn’t short on style and detailing and the MegaDrive’s ribbed and scalloped machined body looks like a retro sci-fi spaceship. A miniature Grolsch bottle latch and catch on the metal battery hatch opens to let you load the spare battery supplied with this Loaded kit. It also exposes the micro USB port used for recharging.

Beam output is adequate rather than outstanding, because there’s a gap between the power that gets spread out wide to the peripheral and the beam that gets pointed a long way down the trail. That shadow can get a bit disorientating when you’re tired or riding in reflective misty/foggy conditions. You need to flick quickly past the double flash modes between the end and restart of the constant power modes too.

The megadrive’s beam is competent but not class-leading:
Russell Burton

The Megadrive’s beam is competent but not class-leading

As well as the cased spare battery, the Loaded kit also gets a metal rather than plastic bar mount that fits 25.4 and 31.8, but not 35mm bars. You get a helmet mount too but the light’s too heavy to make that a comfy option.


Run times are short so you need to keep pressing the switch to check battery life and the second battery is essential for longer rides.

Product Specifications


Name MegaDrive Loaded (14)
Brand Lezyne

Description Run time 1 hour 20 minutes : LED Three, unspecified : Battery LIR18650 2 Cell : Mounts - Bar (tested), helmet
Weight (g) 303