Lumicycle 3 LED XPG review

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Lumicycle’s ‘best of’ LED is a great, highly versatile, reliable all-round trail light at a really good price
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UK lighting specialists Lumicycle were late to the LED game but their latest unit is a compilation of all their long lighting experience and the latest emitters – and it’s an absolute belter.


The three-LED head unit uses an optical setup somewhere between Lumicycle’s previous spot and flood options but the XPG is significantly brighter, with a claimed output of 1,340 lumens.

The result is impressive long-range punch for picking out the detail of potential incoming trouble on the trail, even at high speed. There’s also enough consistent peripheral light spread to put everything in context and preview corners on tight, twisty trails.

A relatively warm colour temperature and the reduced edge contrast of the mid-width beam help to reduce eye fatigue on longer rides or races. On the subject of longer rides, the multiple power levels are displayed via a coloured LED on the rear of the lamp.

This also doubles as a battery indicator to let you manage the surprisingly generous battery life very effectively. The flick up/down toggle switch to change power outputs is much quicker to use on the trail than a standard push switch too.

There’s also a “short boost” setting that maxes out power for just three minutes then drops back to steady, which is handy for downhill sections. Unlike old Lumi lights there’s no danger of knocking the switch and turning the lamp off completely.

The cam-secured quick-release mount is secure and stable in use, and works on standard or oversize bars thanks to a removable extra link. Despite its serious output, the lamp is still small and light enough for helmet use without neck ache and a crude but effective lid mount and extension cable are included in the kit.

The XPG is back-compatible with Lumicycle’s full range of different battery sizes and types, as well as other head units and ‘glow rings’ for road use, so you can create your ideal lighting setup. The small Elite bag battery comes with a second lead for a second head unit or rear lamp as standard.

Reliability and maker-direct backup from Lumicycle in the UK are excellent, and include an on-site presence at most nocturnal races. They’ve also introduced a loyalty scheme, where you can earn discounts on subsequent purchases or upgrades by sending in user shots or just by buying the lights in the first place, which boosts their already impressive value.

Lumicycle 3 led xpg beam: lumicycle 3 led xpg beam
Russell Burton

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Product Specifications


Name 3 LED XPG light
Brand Lumicycle

Features *Emitter: 3 x Cree XPG LEDs *Measured lux @ 5m: 424/288/165/54 *Claimed lumens: 1340 *Operating temp: 32°C *Battery: 2.6 mAh Li-Ion *Mount: Bar and helmet *Max power run time: 6hr 52m *Weight: 137 + 260 = 397g *Options: Extra head units, 4.4 and 5.2 mAh Li-Ion batteries, 4.0 mAh NiMH battery