Lumicycle Halide Elite lights review

HID illumination system

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GBP £269.99 RRP | USD $415.00
Lumicycle Halide Elite System

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Masses of power for the price as long as you’re a careful rather than clumsy user
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Another retro classic from Lumicycle, this HID light cannon is a bright bugger and great if you like things simple. Once warmed up, the HID bulb throws out a big bluey-white pool of light that’ll match the best LEDs for spread and beat them for reach. 


Despite the big CNC-machined howitzer head it’s still relatively light when teamed with the smallest ‘Elite’ battery and run time is still nearly two-and-a-half hours.


You need to be careful not to knock the toggle switch or pull the cable out because it pauses a few seconds before restarting. Replacement bulbs are also very expensive, although you can buy every spare or upgrade you’ll ever need from the vast cross-compatible battery and head unit selection.

Product Specifications


Name Halide Elite System
Brand Lumicycle

Manufacturer's Description Direct daylight into your night rides with the very latest High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp technology, the most energy efficient white light source known to man. Lumicycle's Ultra Bright 10 Watt HID Arc Lamp gives the equivalent of 40 watts of Halogen light for a staggering 5 Hours with the new 14.8 volt Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. The Li-Ion battery will burn the Halide Lamp at max brightness for 80% of the 5 Hour Run Time and the fully protected battery can be recharged in as little as four hours with the Li-Ion fast charger. The characteristic brilliant bluey white light measures around 6500 on the Kelvin Colour Temperature Scale; very close to natural daylight and perfect for night riding. To ensure the system meets your needs you can specify one of two lamps: a perfect 13° beam spread for off road riding or a focussed 6° beam spread for road riding. The stylish CNC machined lamp unit houses the Halide lamp and the cutting edge miniature ballast technology that creates the 6000 volt spark used to fire the lamp into life. The lamp unit itself is locked securely onto the handlebars with the new Q/R Cam Lock bracket which allows simple mounting or removal. HID arc lamps represent the absolute pinnacle of lighting technology. Lumicycle's lamps are manufactured by Welch Allyn, the only company in the world to miniaturise Metal Halide Arc lamps. HID lamps are also very durable with an average life in excess of 500 Hours. Combined with their extraordinarily low power-consumption these factors make HID lamps an attractive environmental choice.
Weight (g) 472
Features Ultra-bright 10 Watt Halide Arc Lamp - equivalent to 40 watts of Halogen Light, Exceptional five hours continuous burn time with the 14.8 volt Li-Ion battery, The 14.8v, 4.4 Amp/H, 65 Watt/H Li-Ion Battery weighs an unbelievable 362 grams, Perfect 13° beam spread for off road riding or 6° beam spread for road riding, Robust SolarcT High Intensity Discharge Arc Lamp is guaranteed for six months, Futuristic CNC machined, anodised aluminum body, Supplied complete with standard, or new oversize Q/R Camlock mounting bracket, Choose between frame mounted or bottle cage mounted battery packs , Complete system weight with bag battery only 655g, Fast four Hour, three stage Li-Ion Charger, Made in the UK
Available Colours Black Blue Gold Red Silver
Type of Battery Required Lithium-Ion
Position Front