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Blackburn Dayblazer 800 front and 65 rear light set review

A strong pairing if you like to run lights during the day

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £80.00 RRP | USD $93.00 | AUD $130.00
Price as a set
Road bike light set 800l front and 65l rear

Our review

Tough and practical pairing for the commuter and urban rider
Pros: Sensible setting options and full protection from the elements
Cons: Slightly low running times
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Blackburn’s Dayblazer 800 front and 65 rear light pairing is as tough as old boots and is a very good choice if you like to run your bike lights during daylight.


The figures may not be outstanding when it comes to running times, but with good build quality and plenty of settings they make for an appealing pair.

Running the front in its maximum 800-lumen Blitz mode, I managed 86 minutes compared with the claimed 90. However, I found the 500-lumen setting more than adequate for the vast majority of my riding on road and surfaced cycle routes, and achieved very close to the claimed three hours.

On the lower 300-lumen Steady mode – more than sufficient for riding under streetlights – you should get around the claimed five hours run-time. There’s also a Pulse setting (claimed eight hours) and Strobe (claimed 12 hours), which will get you seen during the day.

The single LED provided a bright, round floodlit beam that angles slightly downwards if the light is set horizontally and there’s reasonable sideways illumination too.

The front’s tough all-aluminium construction ensures great protection from the elements. Its IP67 certified rating means it’s totally protected against dust and grit and can survive immersion in a metre of water for 30 minutes – so it should survive even the worst winter rides.

The light attaches to handlebars using the familiar rubber strap, which I found held it securely in place, and the switch on the top doubles as a charge indicator.

Blackburn Dayblazer 65 rear light

The Dayblazer 65 rear is a great companion to the front. At its maximum 50-lumen Steady setting I got under two hours run-time, while on its higher-powered 65-lumen Flash setting I achieved the claimed three-hour run-time.

There’s also a lower-power 35-lumen Strobe option that has a claimed six-hour run-time.

The LiPo (lithium polymer) battery recharged from flat to full in two hours and five minutes, which is a plus point for commuting.

The mount has a wedge to ensure that the light points backwards when it’s secured to the seatpost, and has the usual elasticated strap. The rear’s seatpost mount can be removed so you can also attach it to bags and clothing.

It’s a tough little blighter too, like the front light, the rear’s polycarbonate construction is built to the American National Standards Institute standard – even though the ANSI certification isn’t actually required in the USA.

Blackburn Dayblazer 800 front and 65 rear light set overall

This is a strong pairing from Blackburn, and though the run-times on maximum power are slightly limited, there are a lot of positives for the long-distance commuter.

Limited lifetime warranties for both lights add to a package that’s reasonable value at its full RRP and if you can buy it for less, better still.

  • Dayblazer 800 front: £55 / $65 / AU$90
  • Dayblazer 65 rear: £30 / $33 / AU$45

Product Specifications


Price AUD $130.00GBP £80.00USD $93.00
Brand Blackburn design


Features Front Weight: 133g
Front Output: 800, 500, 300 lumens steady / 200 pulse / 200 strobe
Front Light/Modes: Steady, pulse and strobe
Rear Weight: 48
Rear Output: 50 lumens steady / 65 pulse / 65 strobe
Rear Light/Modes: Steady, pulse and strobe
Light type Front and rear