Topeak Airfender review

The answer to a question nobody has asked

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Topeak Airfender

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Definitely original, but that's not always a good thing. Avoid
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Apparently the Topeak Airfender is there when you need it but rolls up neatly to stow away when you don’t and then inflates easily again with a few pump strokes.


That leaves us scratching our heads and wondering why. If it’s such a versatile solution then why doesn’t it have a quick release? You’ll need an Allen key to wrestle it on and off the bracket.

And why would anyone suddenly be struck with the notion that they needed to stop and stow a guard mid-ride, getting covered in crap in the process?

We’ve sat, we’ve pondered (briefly considering touring) and we’ve wasted good coffee drinking time trying to come up with a problem that this would be a solution to and we can’t. 

Answers on a postcard please…


Weight: 155g

Product Specifications


Name Airfender
Brand Topeak

Weight (g) 155