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Kinesis Fend Off mudguards review

Full-metal mudguards in a pair of sizes

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £60.00 RRP
Kinesis Fend Off Mudguards

Our review

Excellent metal mudguards with robust build quality, although they are heavier than their plastic rivals
Pros: Durable metal fabrication; wide tyre option available; easy to source replacement parts
Cons: Heavier than plastic mudguards; some DIY needed if you want mudflaps
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Alongside its bikes, UK brand Kinesis sells a range of components, including its metal Fend Off mudguards in two widths.


Kinesis has more than 25 years’ experience of embracing British weather, and producing bikes and gear to cope with it. Accordingly, the Fend Off mudguards, which feature in our list of the best mudguards, are made of aluminium and anodised in two colour options.

The tough metal construction and option for wider tyres make them an attractive option, although they are heavier than plastic alternatives.

You can also buy all the parts needed to keep the mudguards working, which should help extend the life of what is an expensive mudguard set.

Kinesis Fend Off mudguards specification and features

The Fend Off mudguards are available in two widths – the Standard 40mm version tested here and the Wide 50mm option, which costs an extra £5. Maximum recommended tyre widths are 34mm and 45mm respectively.

The mudguards’ profile is flat, with angled sides that are cut away to fit between the chainstays, and crimped to allow more room for the front derailleur and fork crown.

This adds rigidity, but the all-metal construction makes the Fend Offs around 200g heavier than their plastic competition at 637g, including hardware.

The front mudguard fits to your bike in the conventional way, bolting on to the fork crown, with single stays stabilising the rear via a fixed steel bridge and eyebolts.

The rear mudguard bolts to the chainstay bridge or seat tube. It has a long-reach sliding seatstay bridge that fixes by bending its tabs around the mudguard, and two fixed steel bridges for the V-shaped rear stays, also utilising eyebolts.

Both sets of stays are straight, but are simple to align and secure to the frame and fork, either to dropouts, fork legs or the frame itself.

Kinesis supplies most, but not all, fixings, and also a sheet of reflective stickers designed to be added to the mudguards and your bike. There are no flaps, but the mudguards’ polypropylene packaging is designed to be converted into front and rear flaps. Cutting guides and fixing bolts are supplied.

Kinesis Fend Off mudguards performance

The Fend Offs come in Standard and Wide versions.
Dave Caudery / Our Media

There’s ample mudguard width for 30mm road bike tyres, although the sides don’t wrap around as much as SKS, Zefal and Flinger mudguards.

Kinesis Fend Off mudguards bottom line

The all-metal construction adds around 200g when compared to plastic mudguards.
Dave Caudery / Our Media

The Kinesis Fend Off mudguards are robust and their all-metal fabrication should prove durable. There are options for both narrower and wider tyres.

Replacement parts are readily available, although if you want mudflaps you’ll need to cut the packaging down yourself.


The additional weight over plastic rivals may be an issue for some and they are quite expensive, but these are among the best mudguards you can buy.

Product Specifications


Price GBP £60.00
Weight 40mm
Brand Kinesis


Features Materials: Aluminium, stainless steel stays
Mudflaps: No (but can be cut out from packaging)
Reflector: Stickers
Available sizes: 40mm, 50mm
Mudguard type Front and rear