Raleigh mudguards review

SKS-made bargain spray-stoppers

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
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Raleigh Mudgards

Our review

These unbadged SKS guards are a real bargain if they suit your tyre choice
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What Raleigh has provided here is perhaps one of the great bargains, made for Raleigh by SKS, and sharing theauto-stay release fixtures and stainless metal work with the SKS Bluemels (cheaper than the P series with a similar rounded profile to the guard). 


They do feel a little more flimsy but that’s at least in part down to the size tested – 60mm. According to Raleigh the material is ‘impact resistant ABS’, and they stood up to the twist test as well as the SKS.

At this size they’ll fit a tyre up to 35mm so are ideal for hybrids or more roughstuff tourers or expedition bikes, and fitting is simple, as you’d expect from an SKS design.


The Raleigh guards are also available in 26in wheel sizes (silver and black) – well suited for mountain bike-based city bikes such as the Ridgeback range and Carrera’s various Subway models – and in silver only to fit bikes with 700c wheels.

Product Specifications


Name Mudguards
Brand Raleigh

Description Raleigh Mudguards- Stay Mounted MTB Economy 26'' wheel
Features SKS ASR front stay mount
Available Colours Black Silver