Chariot Cougar II child trailer review

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £429.99 RRP
Chariot Cougar II child trailer

Our review

If Mercedes built child trailers… Still the trailer cum stroller to beat
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At just under £500 you’d expect the Cougar II to be in a class of its own. The good news is that as a high-end trailer cum stroller, and jogger, it is.


For starters, it has proper suspension – independent adjustable leaf spring no less – which transforms the ride. 

Starting from the rear, there is a self contained storage bag which hangs on a hoop that can be folded flat when not needed. There’s less luggage space than in the Trek Go Bug Deluxe or Croozer Kid 2, but perhaps this fits with the Chariot’s more ‘sporty’ aspirations.

Folding is easy: two catches collapse the trailer backwards on its haunches, the wheels are quick release with a simple push of the centre of the hubs (a feature shared by the Croozer and GoBug), and the trailer arm pops cleverly out and stashes tidily between the side of the Cougar and one of its wheels.

For strolling, you get one quick-release trolley style wheel for each of the front corners. The foot operated parking brake is not as sophisticated as the one on the GoBug, but it is no less effective.

On the outside the Cougar is sportily styled with large reflective panels and piping and the passengers can enjoy panoramic views out of the wide front screen and tinted side panels.

But its versatility as an all-ages kiddy carrier that means the Cougar reigns supreme. Add the baby sling that’s available – or two if you’ve got twins! – and the Chariot will carry up to two children from just a few weeks old to probably beyond their fourth birthdays.


Once they can support their own head, they’ll graduate to the regular fitted seat, with its padded, removable bench cushion, and five-point padded harnesses with protective buckle shrouds to keep out tiny fingers. Once there they will no doubt enjoy seeing just how many soft toys the big pockets on each side will take!

Product Specifications


Name Cougar II
Brand Chariot Carriers

Weight (g) 11200
Features 2 Interior child pockets. Padded seat back & seat bottom.
Available Colours Red/Grey
Colour Black/Red
Trailer Use Children